I found myself working in holistic health after years of being tired of feeling ‘brushed off’ by doctors who were happy to remedy my symptoms with medication but not find the root cause of my ailments.
I watched this happen to family and friends and still their trips to the doctors continued as the medication did not seem to help them long term..

I did not see the logic in solving pain with tablets because when the pain re-appeared, which it always did, so did the medication!
I thought, wouldn’t it make more sense to cure the source of the pain?
This caused huge frustration within me!

I have always been a great believer in the concept of finding the source of a problem to enable a way forward to curing the symptoms, thus promoting general wellness. I am also a firm believer in the fact that most of our physical illnesses will usually be directly linked from our state of the mind.
Reiki appealed to me on so many levels. It involves using universal energy (which we all are) to heal and cleanse ourselves from within to create a healthy body and mind. I have seen remarkable things happen to clients both psychologically and physically, I have seen remarkable things happen to myself! I truly believe in my therapies and unique capabilities.

When I perform a treatment, especially Reiki, I have the unique ability to intuitively connect with a person and to feel what the person is experiencing physically and emotionally, this gives me the opportunity to be able to respectfully help a client heal and can provide the optimum experience they are seeking tailored to their current situation along with continuity of care.
I just knew it was my calling. That, along with my training as an NLP practitioner, Nutritionist and Holistic Therapist works together, I believe, to make a whole system for complete wellness.

The genuine care and passion for those I interact with allows me to encourage empowerment and confidence that enables clients to feel better about themselves thus leading to a positive long term outcome. I will only work for my client’s highest good and the focus is always to assist in moving them forwards.

In my spare time i enjoy offering my services to a local women’s and children’s charity along with spending time with my amazing family. I have a love for fitness and exercise daily for body and mind.  I have a keen interest in the Arts and history and I adore travelling and exploring. I am learning more about myself on a daily basis and I meditate at least 5 minutes everyday where I practice gratitude. Alongside of this I dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to having ‘me’ time as I believe nurturing one’s self is an investment in itself and so important!

With love,


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