My personal journey with Energy Healing

My personal journey with Energy Healing

I rarely talk about my personal life however, many have asked how and why I went into holistic wellness, so here is a quick overview as to how I ended up where I am today!

I found myself at my wits end. I had left a domestic violent relationship of 6 years. I was now left to raise my child alone with no support and I was suffering with crippling post-natal depression along with injuries sustained during child birth to the point where I could not walk without pain accompanying it or I had to walk with crutches and push a push chair. (Not easy for me as I find multitasking a tad challenging!).  It was even more frustrating when none of the medical professionals who I sought help from could understand why I could not heal, yet were happy to prescribe medication to abolish the pain (which did not work anyway). Ultimately I was told I may never be pain free again and the injuries may be with me for life. No one, including myself, saw that the physical pain I was experiencing was hugely influenced by the emotional pain that resided within me and my body just could not carry that burden anymore.

One of the main reasons I found multitasking challenging was because I sustained a head injury from my former partner which left me with mild dyslexia and memory problems. I had to learn how to learn again all whilst going through the arduous family and criminal Justice system. Not the best of times eh? Especially when my second relationship ended in tatters and I found myself internally broken again.


It was truly at the point of my second relationship ending that I felt enough was enough. I was sick of constantly being sick. Tired of being always tired and was fed up with the people and situations I had attracted in. For me, it was time to be accountable for some of my experiences and look into why I had opened myself up for such horrible experiences and people! I made a decision to no longer be a magnet for negativity and chose to create happiness in my life one way or another.

I decided to delve into energy and how it worked. I researched the teachings of people such as Louise L Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer and Bob Proctor to name a few. I wondered to myself, how did these people manage to get themselves out of debt? Homelessness? Even cancer? Energy. It always boiled down to the positive use of energy and the mind that facilitated it. I read The Secret, I saw the movie, and I read the books that followed. I began to learn of another dimension of living that I was unaware of. I say unaware but I was always sensitive to unknown energies, I just was not open or awake to it due to all of the terrible things that had happened.

One of the biggest things for me to discover was my inner pain and lack of love for myself. Wow, what a painful journey that was. Not many people like to feel vulnerable. I used to see it as a weakness. Now I see it as beautiful and raw. The real core of me. Reiki had come into my life many years prior and I had dismissed it. It was at this point in my life when I was finding out more about myself and learning so much that it had reappeared and this time I grasped it, with initially hesitant hands but I grasped. We never grow when we stay in the box we place ourselves in. Discomfort will often allow growth. This is what I truly wanted. I wanted better in my life.

I started on my level 1 and never looked back. Reiki flowed into my life. I became Reiki. Accessing this beautiful energy equipped me with the resources I needed to remove negative people and situations in my life. For the first time in years I was no longer experiencing physical pain. For the first time in many years I felt what real love was. The love for myself. It has been a journey that energy therapy has supported me with wholly. I found myself free of 13 years of domestic abuse from my previous partner, new people and situations who work for my higher good come onto my path, I can honestly say my stress levels have reduced significantly as I set the intention to go with the flow and know that what is happening is happening for my higher good. I have also learnt through experience of how powerful my thoughts are and to be mindful of them so not to cause dis-ease. My world has transformed in so many ways and I am now living. Not just being. I know energy healing is not for everyone but I trust in energy healing. I trust in myself. I am not ‘perfect’ but I have learnt about the importance of me and that I simply deserve the best. I have seen amazing miracles occur for myself and others who I have come into contact with, up to today I am still astounded by how energy therapy has changed so many lives. This is why I believe to my core that we all deserve the best quality of life and this is why I do what I do. Because I believed in me and I believe in the power of you.


Sam x

Reading List

Reading List

I have found the power of words through good books and recommended reading has really helped me along my pathway and actually still does! A good book can touch us, make us laugh, bring out emotions we didn’t know we were carrying and even switch that inner light bulb on!

A good book can change lives in such a positive way!

So here are a list of just some of the books that have inspired me and really helped me on my path, hopefully they make an impact for you too!

The Secret-Rhonda Byrne
The Power-Rhonda Byrne

You Can Heal Your Life-Louise L. Hay
The Power Is Within You-Louise L. Hay
You Can Heal Your Body-Louise L. Hay

The Celestine Prophecy-James Redfield
The Vortex- Abraham Hicks
Ask And It Is Given-Abraham Hicks

The Book Of Secrets- Deepak Chopra
The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success- Deepak Chopra

Creative Visualization- Shakti Gawain

The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy Reading!

Make Today Your Monday!

Make Today Your Monday

All too often, I hear clients, friends and family say they will start their new routine, diet plan, hobby or exercise DVD on a Monday. I myself, in the past, often expressed the same sentiment!

However, I recently pondered that point. Why do we always have to wait until a “Monday”? Is it because it allows us to stay in our current state for just that little bit longer, because it feels comfortable? Is it because it gives us a few more days to indulge in a habit or lifestyle (which serves us no higher good), because the thought of change is frightening?

Or, is it because – hey, it’s just what ”everyone” says and does!

The idea of starting something on a Monday is often because Monday represents the ‘new’ week. It’s like when we reach New Year’s Day and many will often say, ”A new year, a new me.” However, what if i said to you that EVERY SINGLE DAY is a chance to start something new or simply start again? What if i said you do not need to wait until “Monday,” because you have an amazing opportunity to start tomorrow, or even today! After all, the sooner you start, the sooner you reach your goals and the sooner you get to feel that invigorating sense of accomplishment!

It can be challenging to make lifestyle changes; this is why I appreciate every step of progress whether it is perceived as small or large! Progression is progression and should be recognised and commended! It is a move forward and a positive step in the right direction. So, here are some simple tips to get you to your required goal post!

  • Pen and paper – write down your goals! What do you want to achieve? (They can be small, large or crazy, do not worry as anything is possible!) Once you have your goals, start putting down ideas of to how to get there – remember, no restrictions!
  • Let the ideas flow! Once you have your ideas in place think of how you can make small steps/changes every day: studies show small steps will often lead to long-term changes.
  • Set fear to one side and step out of your comfort zone bit by bit until you get accustomed to the feeling of being ”outside the box” – remember if it doesn’t challenge you, you cannot grow.
  • Please try not to put yourself down or punish yourself in some way for not achieving ”enough” or having a ”non-progressive day.” You are doing your best, so just keep going! Remember, tomorrow is a brand new day and the opportunity to start afresh.
  • Do something every day to show love to yourself. You are making beneficial, positive changes to create a better life and you deserve to be praised and rewarded for it – self-love is the key that unlocks your blockage!

On a final positive note, good luck on your incredible journey of self-discovery and remember – you set the pace, so keep going and you will get there! Everything in its right time xx

Great Event Today

Event Table
On November 22nd 2014, we had an amazing few hours at the Solace Women’s Aid Charity Event hosted by Eos Dance School .
It was our first event and we were feeling a buzz of nervousness and excitement to meet everyone at the event and share our knowledge!
During our 3 hour stay we spoke to a good amount of people enquiring about what Reiki was and we enjoyed teaching about the benefits of not only Reiki but nutritional therapy also. We even handed out FREE 20% gift vouchers out to everyone at the event!
Also huge congratulations to the lucky raffle winner who won herself a free Reiki Treatment with Soul Holistics!
All in all it was a lovely vibrant day with lots of people and I do believe the event raised a large sum of money for Solace Women’s Aid, a charity close to Soul Holistics’ hearts, amazing!
Reiki Table at the Event

With love,

Soul Holistics x