Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. The “ki” (energy) is the vital flowing force contained in all life. It is unlimited energy.

Reiki is an invisible, subtle energy. It is channeled by the attuned and qualified Reiki healer, who acts as a channel for the energy to flow. The Reiki healer doesn’t use their own energy when doing the treatment so therefor is not depleted, but the universal life force energy flows through them, so they can benefit from giving the treatment too.

Reiki was brought to the west from the east and is now a widely used form of healing within private practices and the NHS as well as being one of the oldest forms of healing.

Reiki uses energy to stimulate the body in its own natural healing process, increasing the energy flow throughout the whole body. It can be used to help any ailment whatsoever from stress and insomnia to chronic syndromes.

The healing energy can be used on babies all the way to the elderly and is 100% safe. Reiki is not a religion, the life force energy is the source of life itself. Everything is energy!


Indian Head Massage

 Indian Head Massage is dated centuries back and is a common treatment in the East. It involves the client in a seated position receiving massage techniques from the head to the shoulders and I also like to throw in a mini facial massage at the end if the client permits. It is a rejuvenating and holistic treatment as it not only leaves the client relaxed and de-stressed, it also unblocks and cleanses the crown, brow and throat chakras. Try a session and see the effects for yourself!


Crystal Colour Therapy

Colour has been used for years dating back to the Mayan culture to heal blocked chakras and creative a more positive uplifting way of life. It restores balance within the body. The use of the right colours can enhance your perception, transform a negative mood into a positive one and create a happy daily you! It has been scientifically proven that colour can affect mood and is particularly important for those that experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. The use of the crystals and combining the energetic properties of each different crystal for each ailment also enhances the treatment and gives it that extra oomph! I myself only recently experienced my first crystal treatment and after sitting on the fence was astounded by the effect I felt during the mini treatment and after so I highly recommend! Each treatment is specifically tailored to the individual so why not try a treatment and see the effects for yourself?


Hopi Ear Candling

Ear Candling has been a natural therapy used in many cultures over the centuries. It is a healing and ritual purification for the head and facial area. A special lit candle is placed into the ear carefully and the gentle, warming heat acts as a chimney effect to draw out toxins from the ears and sinuses into the candle. It causes a subtle and relaxing vibration and has an immediate effect balancing and regulating ear pressure. Again, this treatment is excellent for unblocking the head chakras as well as other conditions such as: Ear pain, cold/flu congestion, rhinitis/sinustis and migraines/headaches. Why not have a treatment and see the effects for yourself? I also include a FREE facial massage to help encourage drainage and clearing.

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