I recently had a treatment and it was one of the most outer body experience with my Reiki Master. She knew exactly what was going on with my body. The energy I felt during my treatment was incredible. I felt the bad aura was lifted. I would definitely recommend my Reiki Master. She was incredible. Lots of knowledge and energy surrounding her. – Casey Rampersaud (New Jersey)


Everyone should get this done. the improvement is so great in your mind and body will feel so light soul holistics is very worth while .try it you will not be disappointed – Ashley Henry (Ireland)


What an amazing woman ! She is not only a fantastic healer but she is able to understand my situation going back to my childhood. I will continue to have healing with her because I have some deep rooted problems that require specialist healing and she can abolish negativity! – Rachel Weston


Thank you for everything. You have helped me to improve my life, so much. You took an amazing approach on my life, you have helped me see things clearer than ever, you have helped me to set things in place. You have given me all the confidence I have needed. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. You have literally turned my whole life around. Thanks to you, I have a future! You are an AMAZING person! – Chels Leigh Harris


Had a Reiki treatment and was amazed about what the body is able to feel when it is in tune with the mind. It was my first ever treatment and the therapist put me through me paces. She made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed. Once I closed my eyes and tuned outside obstructions, I was able to connect with the treatment and was more aware of the flow of energy in the form of sensations at particular parts of my body. When the treatment ended, I felt very tired but the therapist assured me that it was normal and encouraged me to rest. It was an eye-opening experience and really enjoyed it. I would recommend trying it out. – Ama Ebony


I would highly recommend Reiki treatments from the lovely healer at Soul Holistics! This was my first ever reiki treatment, and so did not quite know what to expect. I was going through an incredibly stressful, dark period in my life at the time. During the treatment, it was the first time in literally MONTHS that I had genuinely found myself relaxed, and once she focussed working on my head area, that was the best part! I felt very peaceful and my mind quietened down straight after the treatment, instant results! I felt as though a big load had been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you so much; I will definitely be having another treatment very, very soon! – Sophie Scarlett Niechcial


I want to tell you about my amazing experience with this incredible woman Sam. It was my first time having Reiki treatment. I felt safe and secure, Sam walked me through it step by step. It was the most surreal experience of my life, I be going back for more. It has changed me with cleansing mentally and physically and it was just the most uplifting experience…highly recommended- Gina Titchner


Samantha has the most calming presence. I had a Reiki treatment with her, and apart from feeling incredibly relaxed and positive afterwards, she shared very insightful information she received during the treatment to help me on my journey of self-empowerment. You can tell she is very passionate about helping others and sharing her gifts with the world, and for this I highly recommend her treatments- Jessica Seletti


Introduced to the amazing reiki. Never had this treatment before so had a 10 minute taster session. All I can say is WOW! Can’t wait to book in for an hour. Magic.- Pippa Partridge


Like many people, I am sceptical of alternative therapies, but had heard of Reiki from a trusted family member who has found it to be beneficial, so I decided to give it a try for myself…… As I approached the gazebo under which the treatments were taking place, I found myself becoming more and more detached from the noisy, hectic surroundings of the Goose Green Carnival event taking place around me; by the time I reached the stall I felt lighter, as if the compiled layers of myself were falling off one by one…,,, I was highly impressed with the sales pitch which made me feel welcome and also made me realise that the Reiki had already begun…….I opted for the ‘hands-on, no music, no crystal’ approach which required me to lie still for a ten minute period whilst the practitioner placed her hands on different areas of my body,… It was the last placement of the practitioners hands that was the most remarkable part of my Reiki experience……When she placed her hands on my ankles I felt a purging heat rise from my ankles to my knees….I am an individual who walks long distances on a regular basis, but had previously dismissed any pain in my legs, failing to realise how vital they are….The course that this heat took through my lower legs has given me an initial point of reference for any massage therapies I may enquire into. Without the Reiki treatment I undertook, which effectively cleared my mind, I would not have been able to remind myself of an aspect of the care of my body that I had mistakenly disregarded……. The practitioner’s ability to detach both me and her from the surroundings was extraordinary. My treatment took place amongst the hubbub of musical performances and young children running around. This background noise began to dissipate the moment my eyes focused on the gazebo. This left me feeling exposed in a way that I found to be unique, but the professional, courteous and mild-mannered demeanour of the practitioner made this feeling of exposure a pleasant one…. I would recommend this treatment for anybody who lives a lifestyle which requires long periods of quiet, uninterrupted thinking time.- Nathan FourSeven


A friendly and professional service from Sam, and a really enjoyable, relaxing treatment. I felt very peaceful and relaxed instantly, thank you Sam. I would most definitely recommend trying it out.- Tina Aftab


Had my first ever treatment and was sceptical but this was recommended from a friend. I have to say- i chose the mix and match package which was really great value for what i got. I had reiki, colour crystal therapy and indian head massage. WOW WOW WOW. I left feeling as high as a kite but in a good way! i am still feeling calm and my sleep has been so much better.I will be back!- Christy Richardson


I am now on my third Reiki session with Samantha and I can honestly say I feel fantastic! She knows what she’s doing and does everything with great care and attention to detail. After my first treatment I felt very light both internally and externally. I slept better and had more energy, I also have a sense if real balance within. I am stronger physically too!
Thank you Samantha and keep up the good work! I look forward to my next session. :-)Jay Choat


Hiya just to update you on my treatment. Thank you very much as I had very bad stomach and back pain over the last few weeks but after having your treatment on Saturday I would like to say that both pain have gone as now I am pain – free. So keep up the good work that you are doing to help other like me. I can truly recommend this treatment to everyone who have any type of problem. Great job. – Sue R.


Over all great experience. Sam makes you feel at ease and explains everything very well. You will walk away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, well that’s what I felt, after just one session. – Stuart. M


After speaking to Sam I felt like there were a lot of work that needed to be done on myself . As I thought I completed my self love task so many years ago . I finally realized I never began the self love process as I thought I previously did . I need to stay assertive and strong , proactive and not reactive. During my past marriage I use to be a weak, co -dependent woman constantly searching for love within my ex-husband .Didn’t realize I could have found the love I was searching for within myself,simply by loving myself and taking care of myself first.

I’m currently in a new  relationship with someone I have known all my life , some one I can’t see life without . Speaking to Sam has made me realize that I have become co -dependent all over again , constantly depending on this man to love me and respect me. Seems like if he doesn’t I lose myself . Sam brought me back to the self love process ,she’s helped me realize i must first love myself before I can truly love someone else . I want to have a successful relationship with unconditional love, trust and faith which will prosper and eventually  lead to marriage with my significant other. However, the only way I can get there is if I work on repairing the damage done to me from my previous marriage . I must first heal all wounds,cuts and fully repair myself.  Sam has helped me realize that there is so much work left to be done. This is a journey I should no longer ignore. A journey that will help me to find my inner self, Inner strength and inner peace in which I have been searching for.
Thank you Sam for taking the time to assist in my self-healing process. You have truly been an inspiration.
Jenna S.(New York) Jan 2016

Sam is a wonderful, approachable, magnanamous, calming, kind person.
Like many, I was not convinced of the power of reiki – but am converted. Sam uses her own blend/ method. And it really was something to experience.
I left the session feeling calm but elated. Sam explained everything to me, kept in touch about progress – I’ll defo be back.
My personal experience of the reiki session was one of heightened atuning of my body & mind. I was quite stunned to be honest!
L.Strang May 2016

Danielle Vanessa Gannon -2017

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